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Unreal Engine & Video playback

Our team is as important as the technology itself.

trust in our success.  work with our expert Virtual Production team to simplify the process and give you full creative control.

Collaboration is job #1 with S4 Studios ICVFX stage! We help our clients in the use of Unreal Engine and Video Playback to ensure their project becomes a reality. Our experienced ICVFX team is made up of Unreal Engine artists, Video Playback & Audio Engineers, led by a veteran Creative Director/Virtual Production Supervisor. We are here to guide and advise on anything from which camera to use to how to light for an LED wall and have completed dozens of Music Videos, Commercials, Vehicle Process and TV & Film shoots using this technology.  Located in Burbank California  our 3 wall LED Stage has been specifically designed to give maximum impact for insert-stage level projects and we are always giving advice on shutter, fps, distance to the wall and more.  We have lots of parking, HMU, Green Room, Producers Office, and additional space at our facility for bigger shoots.




Our pricing includes the Virtual Insert Stage, facilities and crew.  Multi-day discounts given.

OPTION 1 :: $2500/day – No LED wall, but rental of the full stage
CREW: Stage Supervisor

OPTION 2 :: $12,500/day – Up to 3 LED walls with playback of Video Footage using Watchout, Live FX or Resolume.
CREW: Virtual Production Supervisor and Playback Operator.

OPTION 3 :: Starts at $20,000/day – Up to 3 LED walls using Unreal Engine 5.1+, Camera Tracking, Unreal Servers and Genlock provided at 24fps, 30fps.
CREW: Virtual Production Supervisor, Unreal Operator, LED Wall Tech.  ——-  Unreal Engine development is included in the day rate; however, more complex or unique virtual set builds may require more time & budget.

PREP: We try to include footage prep & Unreal Engine prep into our packages, but with complexity comes more time and additional costs, so we’ll do our best to estimate that for you based on the size and scope of your project.

UNREAL ENGINE BUILDS: We have an existing library, but we specialize in Unreal Engine builds, creating environments based on your team’s concept or utilizing our creative team’s expertise to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re using our LED facility or just need Unreal Engine work for your project, a work estimate can be provided.

ADDITIONAL SPACE: From small to large crews, we have additional stage space in the facility for rent.  Please let us know the size of your crew and space requirements so we can provide the proper estimate.


S4 Studios is a Los Angeles Virtual Production and ICVFX (In-camera visual fx) company with an LED Virtual Insert Stage perfect for commercials, tv and film using Unreal Engine or Video Playback.

As virtual production becomes the new normal, we’re here to help you with any questions and guidance in terms of harnessing the power of this incredible technology. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit on site or a virtual demo.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Or if you prefer to chat, call us directly:
+1 818-900-5256

Virtual Production at your location.

As a group we can bring the LED panels, the software and the content, but we can also plug into an existing LED wall. Tell us when and where and we’ll get your  stage set up and running in most Southern California locations.  Las Vegas included!