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Founded in 1999 and located in Los Angeles California, S4 Studios is a creative design and full service production studio, specializing in Visual FX, Design, Animation and ICVFX - Virtual Production.Recently S4 Studios has opened a Los Angeles Virtual Production and ICVFX (In-camera visual fx) stage with an LED Volume for commercials, tv and film using Unreal Engine, Video Playback and Post Visual FX.

Our 3 stage facility is located in Burbank, CA featuring a brand new large LED Wall with 2 flyins for versatility. Our Virtual Production/ ICVFX team can handle projects from script to screen and provide competitive pricing at all levels of production due to our one-stop and shop VFX/ICVFX solution!

Owner/Creative Director

Geoffrey Kater

Geoffrey began his professional journey as an automotive designer before transitioning into animation and visual effects. He has held various positions as a Director, Creative Director, Animator and VFX Supervisor.

Geoffrey Kater obtained his education in automotive design from Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California. In 1995, he entered the entertainment industry as a prop designer, working for companies such as DIC Entertainment, Saban, Marvel, Sony, and others. In 1999, he co-founded S4 Studios, which offers a wide range of services including visual effects, animation, live-action, and motion graphics. Throughout his career, Geoffrey has designed, directed, and produced content for a multitude of clients, including Paramount, NBC Universal, 20th Century Fox, Capcom, Sony Playstation, Cartoon Network, and Honda. In 2015, S4 Studios secured a significant contract with Honda Research and Development, and Geoffrey played a key role in developing animations for their current and future car interfaces. Additionally, he has directed short films that aim to showcase the future of Acura technology through character, story, and visual effects.

With his extensive experience, Geoffrey is now focusing on the new frontier of Virtual Production as the Creative Director of S4 ICVFX Stage, located in Burbank, California. Using an array of LED Walls, he has directed and supervised multiple shoots using video playback and Unreal Engine technology for Music Videos, Commercials, Television and Film shoots.

Lead Unreal Engineer

Macario Alvarez

Macario has worked for the biggest game companies over the years and is a veteran blueprinter and programmer using Unreal Engine & Unity.

Graduate from Art Institute of California- Los Angeles. Worked on games and applications, currently working fulltime @S4Studios as an Unreal/Unity engineer, spearheading virtual production development, ICVFX, Mocap and Facial tracking for tv and movies.
Unreal Engineer

Luca Lanzillotta

Luca Lanzillotta is an Unreal Engineer, LED Wall Tech, and studied Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona.

Luca Lanzillotta is an Unreal Engineer, LED Wall Tech, and studied Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. He has been working at S4 Studios since 2021, beginning as an intern, and later helping develop ICVFX technologies involvingĀ  car process, insert shots, camera tracking and more.

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