Welcome to the new normal using Unreal Engine.
Browse our library of living, breathing locations. Choose your shot, set the scene and go. We can transform location instantly with our proprietary system: S4 Real-Time, .
Redefining process production.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology, LED hardware, software and creative S4 Real-Time is an evolution in Car and Location process production for feature films and television.
We build fully automated, living breathing environments for any shoot. From traffic systems, digital extras, and more. Control every aspect and the world becomes your playground, without leaving the stage.
Need to shoot the 40’s, 60’s, 80’s? Dive into full, authentic environments from any era, at the click of a button.. Environments include freeways, cities, to suburbs, vehicles, signage, people and even the fashions of the time. Control it all.



We’re here to answer all your questions and help you with your production needs as virtual production becomes the new normal. Please contact us for more information, to schedule a viewing at our stages, or to discuss your project.
We look forward to working with you.

Or if you prefer to chat, call us directly:
+1 (323) 937-2100


I've never used a game engine for shooting, what do I need to know?

We have designed S4 Real-Time to be simple and intuitive to use. Our operators and experts are on hand to help you and offer training to and minimize the learning curve and get you shooting as quickly, easily and creatively as possible.

Can we see the environment first?

Not only can you see it at our library, we also provide Virtual Scouting tools so you and your team can explore the set and choose the exact shot prior to getting on set. You have full control of the entire environment so you can set the sun position, weather, placement of assets, density of traffic and pedestrians, colors, pretty much everything.

What if the library doesn't have the what I need?

No problem! Our team of experienced UE and VFX artist can custom build any environment you need, from space ship command centers to 1940’s Downtown Chicago. We’re also happy to take in your own assets and have a simple guide to help you prepare them for playback.

Can S4 Real-Time be used at our location(s)?

Absolutely! If one of our locations across the US doesn’t work for you, we can bring the whole setup to your stage location. As a group we own the LED panels, the software and have a content library ready to go. Tell us when and where and we’ll get your process stage set up and running.


Where are your stages?

Currently we have stages being built across the United States. Our first stage is up and running right here in our custom build facility in Valencia, CA. Our next stages will be in Brooklyn, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and more coming.

How are you protecting users from COVID-19?

Don’t worry. Our facility is securely controlled to limit the number of people on set. All of our staff are tested regularly and cleared to be on set. Crew, talent, operators, etc. have separate areas of work and social distancing is strictly enforced. PPE is readily available on set which includes, face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, full face guards, and more. We even have air scrubbers throughout to remove up to 90% of any airborne materials.
We are happy to share our COVID-19 manual with you prior to engagement.

What is the schedule to get access to a stage?

You want to come over, that’s awesome! Hit the SEE THE STAGE link and we will work with you to schedule your visit and/or production. Our goal is to make this accessible to all types of productions and demand is high, however, we’re able to work 24/7 and  will work with you to try and make sure you get what you need when you need it.